Saturday, March 17, 2018

March update

It's been a cold and busy few months.  We're all ready for spring and it looks like the winter cold is gone for good.  Not too much is going on, but a few highlights are blog worthy.  At the end of February Estonia celebrated it's 100th independence day.  It's been a wild 100 years for Estonia, but incredible how well the last 25 plus years have gone.  Not too many places have undergone such rapid development. We had a big cake after Church and everybody loved it.  I thought it was cool how much the Russian speakers loved it.  It shows that Estonia is making good progress as a state. 

Estonia picked its choice for this year's Eurovision song competition!  Maris is a huge fan of the winner. It's a great song, good luck at Eurovision Elina!

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  1. her dress is so cool in the video. how did they do that??!!