Sunday, February 4, 2018

Winter action

What have we been doing this winter?
Well, because the kids have been sick a lot then we have been stuck in the apartment (the mini rental one). We have been doing a lot of crafts, play doh, plasticine, cutting, coloring, disco dancing, (kids) taking baths (this old apartment has a bath, our old one did not...and it is only great for kids not for actually using - taking showers in a bath...not so cool), reading and every imaginable thing. I even got a fancy shape sorter so that our younger one can do well with sorting shapes when she goes back to kindergarten. We play with legos a lot, too. When we could we went outside, like for walks, sledding, into the woods, beach. Here are some photos of what we have been doing.

Cutting. Very important.

While being sick the kids watched the kindergarten kids go out sledding, like in this picture. Sad. But they enjoyed it. Then we discussed how they will go back to kindergarten and can also do that and meet their friends. Yes, our rental is on 4th floor. Yes, it is the worst. Yes, it is good for staying healthy. 

Here is a plasticine doggy I made for the kids.

And other animals. It is good as stress relief.

Peppa Pig and Peppa´s mini pig.

Sledding is a hit. The older kid always goes way up and will not believe me that is is too scary. She still would not give in. Then it is usually very dramatic for her do actually go down the hill. 

Me and my younger girl on the sledge. A pretty decent hill.

We also went into the woods, picked pine cones and sticks.

Today we went to the beach. Looks awesome. 

People walk their dogs there. The kids got to pat the fluffy little dog in the photo. Loved it.

Going back and forth and throwing chunks of snow into the water.

From these pictures it might seem we do stuff but mostly we hibernate and stay inside, usually sick. But it is February and it does not get dark at 4 p.m anymore so... there is hope.

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