Saturday, November 4, 2017

Fall in London

Last week (3rd week in October) I went to London to visit my sister Kadi. I got plane tickets a little late so they were 200 euros back and forth, a little too much. If you get them early you can get from Tallinn to London for much less. The flight was 2 hours and 15 minutes. It is pretty amazing every time to realize how small Europe is. Just hop on the plane and you are in these magnificent cities.
The first thing I saw in London was this double-decker bus. 

While my sis was at work I just strolled around her neighborhood Hammersmith in stores and streets. London in very multicultural. The streets just buzz with cultures of all sorts. I went to a big store and got tons of Halloween candy.
Then later I took the tube to downtown and walked past the Monument for 1666 big fire.

Then I walked down the river. I was a cloudy yet warm. The same day tons of snow came down in Estonia and I felt I had escaped it.

 Shard building:

At the Tower Bridge. Last time in London we also went into the bridge museum. This time I just walked around. I took a stroll around the Tower of London fort, this time did not go in because I have already done it.  

 On my sister´s day off we went to Hampton Court palace - the Tudor palace (Henry the VIII, Elizabeth I etc). It was glamorous.
Here we are on the train to Hampton Court - my sister Kadi.

The palace is next to a river. The leaves were all on the trees and at home they had just come off. 

 Some shots of the palace. This is a stairway up to the royal rooms. The royals had to be on the upper floor so that the poor peasants would feel like they are ascending to a level they do not belong to. Also, the stairs were not steep so that the walk up would take more time - also to remind them of who they are not.

King´s bed. They had going to sleep and waking up ceremonies with all sorts of people attending just like the French royals. The French set the standard. But the royals actually had real (bed)rooms were they actually preferred to sleep and hang out. So over time kings just hid and skipped the ceremonial stuff - privacy was something rare and desirable. 

Orangery where they kept orange trees in the winter. 

The most famous room is the Great Hall. This was built between 1532 and 1535. They have awesome huge tapestries on the walls that take about 10 years each to restore. 

At king´s table.

There is an art museum in the palace. 

The courtyard. 

The gardens with mushroom trees. 

One side of the palace, the newer side that was added later. 

London vs Estonia on the same day

Me and my sister in the gardens. Thank you, Kadi, for taking me in and giving me your mattress and 1,5 square metres on your floor (that is all the spare room that you have) and leftover pistachios. Thank you for being an awesome sister and such a good caring worker for all the dementia patients that enjoy your company almost every day.

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