Sunday, August 13, 2017

Odense Denmark

This week I went to the 2017 Nordic Organization of Political Science's Congress (NOPSA).  It was in Odense Denmark, my first time!  I had been through the Copenhagen airport but never been outside.  Denmark was a really nice place and the conference was great. 

 Odense was a really nice city, anyone who is thinking of going I highly recommend.  I would just wait 2 years and then go.  There is a massive construction site right in the city center. 

 The old town area was super nice with cute colorful little buildings

Odense is home to Hans Christian Andersen.  This is the home where he was born.  In the bank it extends into a large museum.  The city is obsessed with HC Andersen!  There was a HC Andersen hotel, church, park, and the list kept going.  He did write some pretty amazing stuff! 

 This was the town hall, the conference had an opening reception here.

 This was outside the old town and demonstrated what a lot of buildings looked like.  Lot's of brick, mostly red.  I loved it.  Estonia doesn't have much brick.

 Good to see that the old VW Beattle is still going strong.

 The conference was at Southern Denmark University. 

 I was in the work shop on foreign policy.  I presented a paper I am co-writing with a scholar from Denmark. I really liked the format of this conference, we were with the same people every day for 3 days.  Most conferences have thousands of people and it is harder to really get to know new people.  Lots of really good research going on!

 The university had these very long hallways, lots of cement.  They had this path in the middle and the IT people and other staff would use scooters to get places faster. 

 They fed us well and they had this interesting blob of rolls, just break off the one you want and call it good.

 The Copenhagen airport had a nice Lego store!  I didn't get anything but it was tempting.  Denmark is home to Legoland could be a fun place to try out at some point in the future.

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