Friday, July 7, 2017

Vanaema / Grandma Vana

Eelmisel nädalal lahkus mu vanaema - Vana.
Last week me grandmother passed away. We always called her Vana, meaning old in Estonian.

See postitus on tema auks ja meelespidamiseks. Uuemad fotod on teinud Giia, kes on olnud suurim tugi vanaema elus paljude aastate jooksul. Vanematest fotodest mõned on teinud ilmselt mu isa.
This post is in her honor and remembrance. The newest photos are by Giia who has been the biggest help in my grandmothers´ life past years. Some of the older photos are possibly taken by my dad.

Vanaema /Grandmother Vana:

Here my grandma is down on the right holding my sister Ele. I am held by Giia up in the middle. Also in the photo are from the left: my cousin Raile, on the right upper corner is my aunt Eli, who passed away 10 years ago. Down in the left is my mom, then Tarmo, then aunt Ester, holding my sister Kadi.

In this photo my grandma is on the left, up in the middle is my aunt Eli and on the right is my mom. I am in the front next to my cousin Raile. In the middle is my cousin Giia holding my sister Ele and my mom is holding my sister Kadi.

Here is a photo taken in Taagepera where I remember spending a lot of time as a small kid. In the photo are: my grandma on the left, aunt Ester on the right, aunt Eli down on the right and cousins Giia and Raile on the left.  

This is the same house (as in the last photo) all renovated now by the new owners who are actually the old owners. The owners´ family owned it before the II WW and then lost it (because times were cruel) and my relatives were given the place. So the people fixing it up are the kids of those people who lost the place back in the day.  I remember much of the place. I took the following photos on the day of the funeral.

In the back of the house they have fixed up the sun porch.

They have renovated the old barn/ garner/ granary. I remember cows there. We even had a horse. 

Here is an old oak tree that the kids used to climb on. It is where you could see who is coming on the road. There are old oak trees all around the place. Old, sturdy and big. These trees give an idea of how old the farm house really is.

Mul on vedanud, et mul on palju mälestusi oma vanaemast ja teistest pereliikmetest, kes on palju mind mõjutanud.
I am lucky to have many memories of my grandmother and of other family members who have influenced me a lot.

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