Saturday, July 1, 2017

Tallinn Zoo time and billy goat gruff

Last week we went to the zoo. Great weather. Animals are always great. Because it was Monday none of the ice cream shops were open. What a disaster. The entire time the kids just complained about ice cream so it basically turned into a fast run-through the zoo to get some ice cream. People of the zoo, please have ice cream shops open every day in the summer. Why? Money.

The lion.

The monkey.

Means of transportation.

The elephants.

We always have something to feed the birds. Geese in the photo. This time we fed them home-made zucchini bread. That is what the Crandalls do. 

Petting zoo. They love billy goats. Now they love the story about billy goat gruff or something  where goats go over the bridge that is guarded by a troll. They build a lego bridge and go over it and ask the troll no to eat them. Eventually the troll is beaten and all the goats can eat green grass on the other side of the bridge. 

The camels. 

We will probably go again soon. And get ice cream before it and go on a day when the ice cream shops are open.

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