Sunday, July 30, 2017

Girls camp 2017

Our camp this year was by a nice lake Võrtsjärv. We got a cabin and rest of the people stayed in the tents. We had altogether 15 people who came. Some could not come, also, the church is small here.
This is the cabin for 6 people I stayed in. There was a big fridge, bunk beds. 

This is the view from the cabin:

We put up little envelopes for post, messages, gifts:

The theme was related to service, charity, team work and friendship, here are some mormon ads we put up:

The cabin view from the side:

Girls and leaders putting up their tents right on the beach:

 The camp flag the girls made, using their feet and hands:

The girls planned a ton of great games, like this one: gunning the cup with water to see who gets to the end first. I lost.

Our hike was more like a nature walk and that is why everyone loved it so much. We walked a bit to a field, Heather, a guest from the States whom we love a ton, gave an awesome lesson, and then we went to a shady spot and painted a picture of Jesus with water colors. Everyone got a peace of the painting puzzle and then later we put it together. It was great. 

We also did some doodling on rocks. I went to Paldiski to get the little smooth flat rocks.

We did  friendship bracelets and during the making talked about questions, asking questions, being a better student and a better teacher; also questions about the gospel.

The camp was 2 days because that is what we can handle, and a wonderful missionary couple who serve in Tallinn, also in the primary with our wild kids (thank you!), gave a great fireside talk. 

For two days it was so peaceful, calm, fun. We got cookies with every meal because our missionary elder loves baking. And we love his baking. It was overall really nice and easygoing. Thank you for everyone involved in planning and making it all work!

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