Monday, July 10, 2017

4th of July party!

We had a little 4th of July party here in Keila in a new American restaurant that was opened just a couple of weeks ago. The waitresses did not even realize it was 4th of July when we told them we came to celebrate... in an American restaurant. It is almost like an American asking Estonians how they celebrate 4th of July (has happened to me in real life). So every countryman for their own independence day. If we mess up with others´ then no need to fire up.

The restaurant look nice and shiny. They have beautiful red and white old school couches and chairs, lots of Coke signs in every size. 

Bar stools are great.

More of the awesome chairs.

Playpen for the kids with Peppa Pig on TV. They loved it even though it was pretty tight. 

Donuts. Perfect. Very American.

They have great semi-circle seats, too. Really cool.

Coca-Cola vending machine.

My dish:

Sweet potato fries! They were really good. 

Matthew got a milk shake (already gone here in the photo) and a hamburger. 

This is how it looks outside:

Overall it was a great little outing for us and we liked the food a lot.

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