Thursday, June 15, 2017

Keila day

Every year the city has a celebration similar to the county fair (in Estonian called laat).  Keila day (Keila päev) happened a few weeks ago and we had a great time.  When the kids were younger they could look at all the awesome stuff but were to young to do anything, this year they could do almost everything and had a great time. 

 Our oldest kid loved this slide, it doesn't look that big from the picture but she would just fly down that thing with incredible speed and would run right back up to do it again.  She may have inherited the Crandall speed gene (dormant in me but it probably skips a generation). 

 Our younger one loved this one, but went up once and got scared so I had to go get her, she just played on the lower part after that.

 At the end of the day we went back to jump some more, they had a great time!

 One of the best parts is the food!  Maris found some yummy fish. 

They had flavored lard! Salty on the left, smoked in the middle and pepper on the right.  We decided to save our money for the candy and trampolines.

Our oldest got to go for her very first horsey ride!  She loves horses and had a blast.  She had a ride on the big brown one and the smaller white one. her favorite was the big brown one.  Our youngest was too scared to go. 

They also had an open house to the apartment building we are moving to in the fall!  It's only about 500 m from our current apartment.  I got to take a tour.  Looks good so far.  We'll keep you updated on the move!

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