Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The king of Estonian donuts

Estonia has a great pastry culture, but not so much a donut culture. Donuts are one of the foods that I miss from the US.  The few donuts that they do have are often some of the most expensive pastries.   I recently fell in love with this chocolate covered, chocolate sprinkled, and chocolate filled donut.  It is fantastic.  They sell it in all the grocery stores, I think it is frozen then thawed and I have no idea who actually makes it or where.  It is great though, the king of Estonian donuts.


 One of my favorite non donut pastries is the Banana dream!  Inside of that beauty is an entire banana. Some chocolate bits and powdered sugar put it over the top.

After I had already gotten a few pictures for the blog it turned out that at the Keila day fair there was a special donut stand! Can you believe it?  These things looked incredible.  Each one was 2 euros so pretty steep but that is what you get at the fair.  The frosting was hard, I couldn't tell if it was old or just hard.  After that first moment of disappointment it turned out to be a very tasty donut.  I only tried one flavor I would have loved to try 4 or 5 of them. It was a great donut but not enough to dethrone the king! 

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