Thursday, April 27, 2017

Live below the line challenge 2017

This semester I am teaching a course non-traditional security, one of my favorite courses. One optional assignment we do is to live below the line for 5 days.  6.50 Euros was what we had to spend, this is what I was able to get.  The store was sold out of eggs which was a bummer, but on the other hand I lucked out when I found a block of cheese in the expired products bin!  How did it go?  Well not bad at all.  The key is that spice mix called Vegeta.  I just made noodles, sour cream and that spice mix every day and just loved it.  No matter how much I eat it never gets old.  Usually we make it with corn or ground meat but this time just noodles.  I had some potatoes but only made one of them.  The carrots were great.  Bread was what kept me going.  Black bread was on sale so I was happy to have that.  (Must leiva jõud!)  I busted out our old sandwich maker to have grilled cheese sandwiches (hard to do with no butter, fortunately the sandwich maker saved the day).  My first big meal after the challenge was done was actually more sour cream pasta with 48 cent noodles not the cheap 29 cent noodles that I got for the challenge.  Like very year it helped me understand a little better the nasty battle that so many face and helps me ask myself is there something else that I can do so that others won't have to live below the line.

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