Sunday, February 12, 2017

Visit from Mom and Dad

My parents came to visit recently!  We had a great time.  February is the worst time to come visit Estonia, the worst time for anything in Estonia really, so it was great to have some extra excitement.  They were visiting several countries on the trip which explains why February.  We loved the two suitcases full of food and presents, it was like Christmas all over again.

 Mac and Cheese always goes much faster than you think.  Still one of my top 3 favorite foods along with cheese burgers (from McDonalds) and a burrito from 9 beans.

We went to the zoo and had a great time.  We had fun feeding the monkey's bananas.  Most of the animals were inside but we got lucky a few times and got to see the lion. 

 It was pretty cold, so our youngest was bundled up in a wagon.

We also had a great time swimming.  Right when Mom and Dad left it got a lot colder, so good timing.  Thanks for the visit! For any potential visitors reading, please come, Estonia is a great place even in February!

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