Friday, December 23, 2016

Pre-Christmas festivities

It is customary in Estonia to have as many Christmas parties as possible. We had one at my school - it was organized by the 8th grade students for the kids of all the teachers and workers. They had games and treats and a video. So well done.

I will have a workers´ Christmas party at 28th of Dec and it sounds like it will be big.
Many teachers at my school are such fun loving and funny people. And you have to be to actually get the job done. Or you have to be super strict and never smile. Mostly it is a mix of both. Like a nice drama series.

Matthew had a work Christmas party as well. I did not hear much about it.

And if my kids would go to preschool they would have had a part too. Lots of festivities and parties every December. It is what people do here.

Today we went to Tallinn Christmas market. All the photos are phone photos.
This one is of the stage that is set up each year for all sorts of performances, music, videos.

Then there is a little Santa Claus house and people line up to get in and see him. We just peeked in through the window.

This one is for Ann - the famous sweater lane with tons of handmade sweaters, hats, socks, mittens.

The old town Christmas tree:

I am so glad it is not my job to sit on one of the boxes to sell Christmas stuff. I would not love it. But we sure love buying stuff from there, though.

As we were at the market, many Santas on motorcycles drove in and they started handing out free mandarin oranges and candy. Pretty awesome.

Another one with the city hall, tree, lights and stalls:

Of course there is a train:

Just a random street in the old town:

And finally a candy store I went to. Hand made chocolate made by a Swedish guy and his mom. My favorite was home-made Snickers bar - basically tasted like edible play-doh but with wonderful texture of rice crispy treats. Another one I loved was a big ball of chocolate and oats covered with chocolate and peanuts. Sooooo gooood. Ann and Monte- we will have some ready for you when you come to visit.

There will be a blog about Christmas festivities too. Just wait for it!


  1. wow that Christmas tree was tall! the motorcycle santas are hilarious and Trent will be very jealous about the homemade snickers. one of his dreams is to be able to make a homemade snicker's bar but so far every attempt has been a fail. Merry Christmas you guys!

    1. Maybe next time I can get some tips from the guys who makes them for you. I just loved, loved, loved them. :)