Thursday, December 8, 2016

Good education in Estonia - yay!

I was glad when PISA test results were revealed. It is a comparative test that measures students´ skills in sciences, reading and math all over the world (72 countries). About every second 15 year old here took part.

Estonia was 3rd in sciences, 6th in reading and 9th in math in the world. That is better than last time. It is one of the best results in Europe.

(A bunch of countries did not fit in the picture here.)

Most of the best performers are all Asian countries with Singapore as number one. They have a great system where they attract the best of the best of the graduates to become teachers. Being a teacher there is a big thing. Also, there is a very competitive school system and amazingly high motivation that play a role.

In Estonia things could be better, as well as how to attract good teachers. They pay is only so-so. I love my job a lot, though. I am sure the pay will be nicer in the future, step by step.

What I really like is that the system here consists mostly of just plain boring public schools. There are private schools but not that many. I like the system where every student, no matter how poor they are of where they are from, is getting a good education. I like it because I come from a very poor background. Every country should aim for the best education for everyone, not just for the elite. I always feel sad when someone is promoting charter schools or saying public schools suck just take your kids to a private school. Or when people have given up on the possibility for a change. Why not put all the effort into making the system good for everyone? Why give up? It is one thing I have to teach my students every day. Just do not give up. Try.

I felt glad about the test results and just wanted to share my thoughts about it.


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