Saturday, December 31, 2016

Christmas in Estonia

We haven't been in the US for Christmas since 2009 so another Christmas in Estonia shouldn't seem anything unusual, but this year was the first time we have ever spent Christmas just with our family, it was nice!  We had a nice blend of US and Estonian traditions.  Here is how it went down.

 First we got a full sized Christmas tree (artificial).  In years past we have had a 30 cm tree that was very dinky but since we were never home on Christmas we never bothered to get a big tree.  The kids are getting bigger too so this year we went all out.  You'll notice that the ornaments are only on the top third of the tree.  That is about the reach line of our oldest daughter.  Also notice the awesome Star Trek ornament of Spock's death scene.  A present from my brother last year.  It has a nice audio to go along with it. 
 We kept our mini star trek ornaments on the tree, they fit perfectly with the mini tree last year but blended in on the big tree this year.

Estonians celebrate Christmas on the 24th, so we had a nice Estonian dinner (pork roast, blood sausage, potatoes, hot glogg).  We also opened up all the wrapped presents that we had under the tree, mostly from my parents. 
 We started a new tradition, everybody got a box of cold cereal!  We always had a huge breakfast/brunch on Christmas morning.  I'm too lazy and not talented enough to do that but a nice cold cereal breakfast was a big hit.  I made my favorite childhood muffins- french breakfast muffins- they were OK but not as good as when my mom makes them.  I already have some ideas on how to make them better for next time.  1. follow the recipe.  2. Serve them fresh.

Thanks to Hillary, Mark, and the boys for sending this Little People nativity set.  We already had some Little People toys so it is a great hit.  Baby Jesus can be life flighted by our Little People helicopter if needed!

The girls got a lot of cool toys but their favorite present were the water bottles that grandma and grandpa gave them.  They just drank water and went to the bathroom all day long for a few days.

Santa came in the night, we left cookies and enjoyed the presents and fun Sunday morning.   We went to Church for just an hour and coming home I thought that this sabbath was truly a delight.

To all the blog followers we hope you had a merry Christmas as well!

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