Saturday, November 19, 2016

Snow shocker and going back to work

 Basically on the first of November a crazy snow hit us and it stayed for two weeks or so. Then two days ago it started to melt and now it is all gone. So intense. I do not like snow, ice, icy roads, more accidents and danger, cold temperatures... Kids like snow but not that much after 30 minutes. That is when they cry: "Inside! Cold" View from our window, the first days of November:

In the store parking lot. Now there is just a small puddle left.

It may not look like that much of snow on it but it sure felt like it when I was trying to get it off. The door on the driver side did not open, so I climbed in from the passenger door, then I had to drive for 20 minutes for the door to melt open, then after I got back I sprayed some silicone on the sides of the door to keep it from freezing shut. I am glad the snow is gone and I hope it will never come back... of course that is impossible but I have the right to dream.

Another big things is that I went back to work in September, part time, teaching 12 lessons a week - Estonian and literature. I teach one 8th grade, one 7th-grader (individual study), and one 10th grade. In Estonia, teacher teaches different classes and I love it. Different ages, different levels (math and Estonian are in level-based groups from 7th up until 9th grade, in our school, not every school), different courses for high school. It means more work but it also means more fun, more learning for me (and I love learning) and being able to relate one  course to the other. Like I have 4 parallel courses for 10th grade, just one lesson a week per course: Language and society, Literature from ancient times until 19th century, Practical Estonian and the last course is Analysis and Interpretation of texts. I thought at first that is just too much but now it all flows nicely, all of the courses are mostly related to each other, you can draw lines between them all the time and it makes more sense for the students, kind of a broader picture. My favorite of them all is text analysis and interpretation. It is just pure fun and gold. And the kids are always amazed with where do I get weird texts like that for them to read. Anyway, I love teaching and it is just so much joy. And I feel stupid/insecure at times too but that, I just read, is just a sign of well developed emotional IQ. I decided to believe that. 

Here is my classroom. The windows are in the ceiling but that means more space to put stuff up, like a huge time-line made out of wallpaper roll. Or students works, group work posters etc. I have great tech stuff up, like a projector, smart board that I am still trying to figure out. They even gave me a brand new lap-top to use. I love the school and the students.

It is hard to schedule work with Matthew but so far we are a live and going strong.

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