Sunday, November 13, 2016

Not my relief society president

It's beyond disappointing to see Julie Beck and Robert Oaks support Trump and all the evil that he stands for.  Kate Kelly was excommunicated for trying to empower women and here the highest ranking woman in the Church (until 2012) openly comes out and endorses a serial sexual predator. No words for that people. For both Oaks and Beck, they used their status as former high ranking members of the Church in a political manor.  This is a particularly troublesome form of priestcraft.  I'm glad my little girls didn't grow up listening to her general conference talks only to later find out that she is a hypocritical fraud.  A modern day pharisee.  I was relieved to read about the exit polls that said the most active Mormons did not support Trump.  Looks like the vineyard doesn't need to be burned down just yet.

Hopefully the Church will look into it and update their guidelines for political activeness among former general authorities and general auxiliary leaders.  Hats off to Marvin Jensen who considered running for Lt. Governor as a Democrat.  That campaign would have largely been about his previous status as a general authority, I'm glad that he didn't let it come to that.

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