Sunday, November 13, 2016

Not my president

They say that every country deserves its government.  Life is going to get ugly real fast for a lot of people.  Let's make one thing sure.  For the 61 million who voted for Trump, this one is on you. What could one president do you ask? Unfortunately quite a bit.

Foreign policy: We aren't totally sure what Trump will do on a lot of issues.  The secretary of state will give a big hint and we had better hope for Corker and not Gingrich. A good review can be read here from the Brookings institute.   Ian Bremmer wrote a great article on it before the election.  From the article: 

"America First won’t strengthen America. It will alienate friends and embolden rivals. In the process, it will badly damage U.S. commercial interests. It will undermine the institutions that the U.S. and its allies created from the ashes of World War II and which continue to extend U.S. international influence into the future. It will cast grave doubt on what America stands for."

For those wondering if Trump's election will mean an invasion of the Baltic states an interesting article is here.   I think that threat is way overblown, but I concur with a lot of what McFaul, the former ambassador to Russia said in this piece in the Financial Times

We can't leave out climate change, which will probably be the biggest negative impact from Trump's presidency. 

In short, a hope for a cosmopolitan system of global governance is dead.  The Liberal World Order is a thing of the past and confusion and conflict will pop up in the time of transition. 

Domestic policy

Domestically the lives of tens of millions will be ruined.  I expect a large increase in the number of deportations.  The people he has surrounded himself are all hard liners on immigration.  The end result will be families torn apart and a radical reduction in immigration- including highly skilled and educated workers.  

The repeal and replace plans for health care will leave tens of millions without coverage.  How many people are left without coverage is up for debate, but if Trump even tries to do what he has said he tens of millions are going to be out of luck.  

Enable messages of hate that will have drastic impacts on the lives of many minorities.  Bullying in schools for example.  Hate crimes on the rise everywhere in the US. 

I'm blessed to be in a situation where I don't have to leave the US.  Estonia was ranked 4th on the top destinations for Americans looking to flee Donald Trump's America.

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