Friday, October 7, 2016

My sister´s visit

A few weeks ago my sweet sister came to visit for a week. The kids loved her a lot and pressured her into playing with them often. We also visited our family members with her and road tripped a little. Here are some photos I took that week.

We went to check out Paldiski and the cliff there:

We took some photos there at the quarry:

Kadi, my sister, with the kids:

At Padise monastery. It took a lot of throwing dust in the air to get shots like this. We were very dusty when we finished. We rented a white wedding dress for this from a local second hand clothing store.

My favorite spot in Tutermaa, a place near-by with rows of birch trees. As the grass was super long this time then when the sun was setting it looked extra pretty.

My sister and I we have a history of awesome photos shoots. We had once, when Twilight came out, a Twilight themed photo shoot (with a tiny little point and shoot camera):

Here is a photo in a forest next to the house where we grew up (Southern Estonia, Valgamaa):

 One more cute photo of Kadi and my little girl:

And the last one I will share of her is here:

Thank you, aitäh, Kadi, for coming! 
Me armastame sind nii väga!

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