Sunday, October 30, 2016

New hymn book!

About a month ago or so we got the new hymnbook in Estonian!  It has been over 5 years in the making.  Maris was on the committee that sang and reviewed the songs. The old hymnbook had 68 pages this one has 200.  I think it is the ideal size, the English hymnbook is too long and filled with too many songs that no one likes or sings anymore.  Interesting fun facts, the Estonian hymnbook has "Faith in Every Footstep" and "Come Thy fount of Every Blessing" I'm not sure why they are not in the English hymnbook but grateful that they are now in the Estonian one.

Friday, October 7, 2016

Recent landscape photos

Here are some of my favorites from recent photo shoots. I love foggy falls:

One of my super favorites is here:

My sister´s visit

A few weeks ago my sweet sister came to visit for a week. The kids loved her a lot and pressured her into playing with them often. We also visited our family members with her and road tripped a little. Here are some photos I took that week.

We went to check out Paldiski and the cliff there:

We took some photos there at the quarry:

Kadi, my sister, with the kids:

At Padise monastery. It took a lot of throwing dust in the air to get shots like this. We were very dusty when we finished. We rented a white wedding dress for this from a local second hand clothing store.

My favorite spot in Tutermaa, a place near-by with rows of birch trees. As the grass was super long this time then when the sun was setting it looked extra pretty.

My sister and I we have a history of awesome photos shoots. We had once, when Twilight came out, a Twilight themed photo shoot (with a tiny little point and shoot camera):

Here is a photo in a forest next to the house where we grew up (Southern Estonia, Valgamaa):

 One more cute photo of Kadi and my little girl:

And the last one I will share of her is here:

Thank you, aitäh, Kadi, for coming! 
Me armastame sind nii väga!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

A vote for Clinton...

I got my absentee ballot already!  I pledged my vote to the winner of my US foreign policy course vote.  Hillary Clinton won in a landslide.  Bernie Sanders got more votes (3) as a write in candidate than Trump (2).  Had I not pledged my vote, I would be voting for Clinton anyway. Competent, hard working lady who receives positive reviews from those who have worked with her in the past.  She isn't a perfect candidate but considering the circumstances the country finds itself in, America could do worse than voting for a competent candidate.  Clinton's time as secretary of state was a bit ho hum, but she did some very good things too.  For example her focus on women's rights is commendable, even if she could have been more consistent.  The funny thing about Clinton is that she gets beat up quite a bit.  She's a bad candidate, she's not trustworthy, she's corrupt, she has a cough.  She's this or she's that.  That might be all true but the person she is running against is Donald Trump! Now I don't want to be overly dramatic, Trump still grades out well when compared to the leaders of some countries (though not in every category).  But I've got two little girls and I'd like to leave behind a normal planet for them.  To sum up, I hope the world never has to find out the full consequences of a Trump presidency.  Good luck Hillary.