Thursday, September 8, 2016

Happy Birthday Star Trek!!!!!!

What an incredible 50 years for Star Trek!  God bless Gene Roddenberry for is vision and creation, it lives on in millions around the globe.  Two great articles on the impact of Star Trek, one from the New Yorker and the other from the Economist. 

What does Star Trek mean for me?  Hope for the future and faith in humanity.  A standard of morals and decency.  And above all it has inspire me to make sure that my life will be for the betterment of humanity, not for greed of profit like the Ferengi or the glory of war like the Klingons.  I've learned to cherish my individuality thanks to the freaky Borg.  I've learned that being a cunning back stabbing Romulan won't get you very far and that unlike the Cardssians, it is important to respect others who are different from us.  Yes, Star Trek has given me much more than countless hours of entertainment. It's given me something that Mr. Data could only dream of, my humanity.  

Happy Birthday Star Trek, may your next 50 years be even more successful than your first 50.  Live long and prosper

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