Monday, August 22, 2016

The other presidential election

Estonia is voting for their president soon! Parliament votes in a week, and if they cannot choose then it goes to a round of presidential electors which is made up of local governments.  I am writing a mini series this week that is profiling each significant contender on ERR, the English version of the national news website.  Great reading for those wishing to take a breather from the Trump madness.  I first approached them about running an op-ed and it turned into a week's worth of profiles!  Keep checking back every day for another profile! At the end you can read about who I think will be the best.

The introduction is here and the first candidate profile on Mailis Reps is here.  The Next candidate profile Eiki NEstor here. The heavy weight Siim Kallas' profile is here. Alar Jõks' profile is here. My favorite is Marina Kaljurand, her profile is here. The last candidate is Mart Helme, his profile is here. A concluding interview is here. The series garnered more attention that I expected.  A summary of the interview was translated on the Estonian version of the news site and Politico gave a link to some of the profiles in a newsletter that highlighted stories from across Europe.

Tomorrow is the election! Most likely the president will not be elected in parliament, so it will go to another round in September with an electoral body that includes leaders of local government. Good luck Estonia in picking the best candidate!

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