Monday, August 8, 2016

So I took a bus to Poland last week...

This summer I participated in a conference in Poznan Poland.  Originally it was going to be in Istanbul.   After the second bombing they moved it to Poland, at the time it seemed that they were just wimping out, but as time went on things really spun out of control in Turkey, including the attempted military coup and a ban on travels for academics, not exactly the type of environment for a large conference of academics.  I'm a bit of a tight wad so I decided to take the bus.  A penny saved is a penny earned.  The trip took much longer than the google map prediction, about 22 hours or so.  I had an hour layover in Vilnius as I switched buses.  The more direct route would have taken me through Kaunas but the main stop was Vilnius. There were also stops in Pärnu, Riga, and Warsaw so it took a bit longer than a car.  As you can see Poznan is on the other side of Poland, so it was quite the trip.

 Fortunatly for me I went with the Lux express which is the nicest bus I have ever been on.  In addition to comfortable seats and free wifi they have a personal entertainment monitor with tons of movies.  Having just been to the US with two small children this trip was heavenly. 

 Most of the time no one sat next to me which was nice.  I finally got to see the movie Battleship which was one of my Dad's favorites!  It got horrible reviews so I was still skeptical despite my Dad's recommendation, but I liked it! Almost made me want to go play the board game again.

The city of Poznan is fantastically beautiful.  I was surprised at how nice and beautiful the city is.  I looked up online that they also have an awesome water park and an I-max.  I didn't make it to either of those but if we ever find our family in Western Poland we will definitely stop by Poznan again. 

 Every time I saw a cute little kid I thought of mine at home. Fortunately Maris is a trooper and did great tending the kids alone.  Maris gets to return the favor this week when she goes to girls camp.

They have an incredibly beautiful town square. 

 This is the Poznan castle, built in the early 1900's, now it is a cultural center.

 I don't have a selfi stick, so this is as good as it gets. Shout out to my mom for the nice shirt and tie! It was a nice father's day present.

 This is one of the university buildings. 
 The IPSA World Congress is the name of the conference, it was held at a large convention center which was awesome.

 They had a beach area for people to come to, kids were playing and they had a splash pad, super cool.

 This is the coolest garbage can I ever saw!

In short it was a great conference, I was excited to get home.  My bottom hurt a bit from sitting so much and I was happy to sleep in a bed but now I can check one item off my bucket list because come on, who doesn't have a 23 hour bus trip to Poland on their list??

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