Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Girls camp with lots of sheep

Imagine girls camp where you sleep in big army tents and sleeping bags on a very bumpy ground on a hill on a sheep pasture. Imagine waking up every morning at 6 when a hundred sheep come by the tents to baa in the creepiest, strangest way (they sound like people sometimes). Imagine chasing sheep on a huge pasture back to the barns. Imagine lots of rain and cold winds and you get the Baltic girls camp 2016.

Some photos from the camp:
Here are brother ans sister Allred who were camp cooks. We did not have very many girls so it was pretty OK to cook for everyone. They did a marvelous job even though they could not read what the food packages said on them. :D 

On our hike to a nearby town. It was a gratitude walk with stops where the girls had to think of 100 things they are thankful for.

A couple of girls went swimming although it was freezing cold. Think 62 degrees F, cold wind, rain every day. It has been like that a lot this year. It has been raining all day today too. And it rains every single day. Kind of sad. On the bright side it is very green.

We drove to Lake Peipus or Peipsi järv which looks like a sea and divides Estonia from Russia.

Here is a photo from the same lake I liked: 

The sheep pasture and awesome trees there. The girls are going to a service project - clearing up a hillside forest of bushes and old trunks. 

 Lithuanian girls are carrying up trunks. They were very hard-working. 

Some of the girls carrying up some smaller trees that our host brother Menind cut down: 

Here are our tents on the sheep pasture, two army tents that local army logistics guys set up for us. They also brought sleeping bags. I had to sleep in two bags because if was so freezing cold at night, it went down to about 46 F one night. The army stuff had great quality so we did not get wet although it rained every night.

Some photos I took driving to the camp. My gps took me to some odd roads and I found some cool places like this old chapel in the middle of nowhere:

And this alley of trees next to an old worn down manor:

 And this singe awesome apple tree on a field of clover:

Here is a photo of everyone together making crafts like friend books where everyone can write in.

And to celebrate the Olympic Games we had Olympic stations for camp certifications. Here they made energy balls with peanut butter, nuts and granola.

Everyone liked the camp and it was a success. I loved it despite the rain and cold temperatures.
Next year we will have just and Estonian camp and it will be super awesome.

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  1. I think you are awesome for going to girl's camp. great pictures! I'm sure they loved just being together and doing fun things, even though it was cold. Olympic stations are a great idea! glad you had a nice time!