Thursday, August 18, 2016

Army training battles in our street

We have had some interesting army training here in Keila, for a week or so now. Here are some interesting photos of our encounters with the soldiers. It is kind of creepy because the trucks are huge, they have guns and there is actually a lot of gun shots. But on the other hand it is pretty cool too.

From our kitchen window:

 This on is also from our window:

Some soldier walking down the street, also backwards: 

On our walk with the kids we saw them again, they were getting into the truck (they were mostly on our street, that is why we just bumped into them): 

This is the coolest part. There is an old school house, all empty, next to our main playground. They had a training in there, trying to get in through the window. A lot of shooting (with fake bullets, of course).

So every day when we leave our house they are walking around. They are also very polite and smile and say hello. 
I think it is very interesting to be so close to all this. They sure are taking it all very seriously and that is awesome. 

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