Sunday, June 5, 2016

Keila day 2016!!! Keila linna päev 2016

Everybody loves the fair, right? 
So do we. Except getting agoraphobia every time because people move extremely slowly.
Here are some photos of our tour around the town. They sell these things there that we love, barankas. Another favorite is different flavored lard. Yes. And people buy it.

Fish, anyone? 

Home made beer is a big thing.

Hand-made rye breads are wonderful. My favorite is rye bread that is super moist and is quite sweet. Herbs and seeds are great in it, too.

Sausages and meat truck is pretty awesome. Estonians love sausage, ham. Things like smoked moose sausage are pretty popular.

Our favorite were the Turkish sweets. The dude was from Istanbul. We love that place. We can eat endless amounts of kebab and Turkish sweets, seriously. 

Waffles and things fried in oil are very international, aren´t they?

Plants! Tomatoes, cucumbers, flowers, trees, bushes. What ever you need for your tiny Soviet apartment building balcony. 

A transportable petting zoo was our favorite. They had goats, a pony, geese, bunnies. 

Our daughter liked it but was intimidated by the mini goat that came really close all the time.

She also liked trampolines or as Matthew would say, inflatable jumping attractions. It was expensive and no amount of time was enough. We had to drag her away promising to buy ice-cream. Even that did not make her stop screaming. A child´s life is so hard, isn´t it?

Here is is going up (she is 2 years old!) the biggest one that was super high. All the other kids going up are big boys. It says a lot about her. She is a crazy climber and fearless and wild. Super energetic and just loves life and people.

A few shots just of the town and people.

A grill in the shape of a boat.

And of course we had to buy that big Olaf balloon for 8 euros. 

This video explains all of the problems that came after that:

Once we got home we just wondered where all of that money went. Because there was just a little pile of useless stuff  and one huge Olaf balloon. A mystery.

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