Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tallinn Zoo /Tallinna loomaaed

Last week I went to Tallinn Zoo with my sister and her daughter. It was super warm so we had to go. You never know here when you get a good day with good weather. I loved the anemones there, the entire little forest in the zoo is full of them for a short period of time in May. The kids loved running there.

A lynx: 

Monkeys was the absolute favorite. They kept coming close and the kids turned into monkeys themselves, making noises and running back and forth.

In the tropic house:

Find a mini monkey:

The kids escaping again: 

The elephants:

A great optical illusion, like the kids are so close to them and the fence is super small. But the platform is just higher up. Kids loved it.

And camels:

I like Tallinn Zoo a lot, it is developing, it is beautiful, green, well landscaped and they are trying to make the conditions better for the animals constantly. We love the petting zoo there too with millions of little goats. This time we did not get close because the goat babies were too small. But here is a photo from last year with Matthew´s parents. The goats jumping up to get food. It was awesome. :) So when ever you are thinking what to do in Tallinn, go to the zoo.

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