Monday, May 23, 2016

Soviet garages everywhere!

In our town, Keila, population 10 000, there are tons of garages from the Soviet times. They built apartment buildings and garage complexes hand in had, it seems. In Tallinn, of course, the scale is completely different. There is even a documentary about garages in Tallinn Lasnamäe region where people hide out, create and just are. Here is the poster (translation: Ant Hill - Beautiful Life in a Garage):

I do not have time to go check out the garages there but I had some time to do it here in Keila.

Here is one close by that has two entrances but overall looks like a medieval fortress. 

Here is the entrance and some car that has stood there for months.

And when the door is open. I never dare to go in. It is just so scary.  But that is where people put their cars and stuff.

Here is another one. Today I saw one lady park her car in front of it, load off some old chairs, put them in, close the door and drive away. So a lot of them are just storage units. That can still cost thousands of euros to buy.

This one is my favorite. I honestly thought that it was a bunker that was build in the Soviet are. It is underground, it looks like a hill from the outside. So odd.

I went in just a little a bit. A guy was working on his car further away in one of the garages and he came out as I was taking the picture to look at me and he was just so scary so we left quickly. Anyone can look scary down there. 

This is how it looks on the top:

Our daughter running on top of the garage complex:

There are chimneys too on top of it:

This is another one next to a set of apartment buildings close by.  People hold on to these dearly, it seems. And there is some business going on selling and buying them. 

Most people still park their cars in front of the apartment complexes. Our little 1999 Polo freezes shut when it is very cold in the winter. But we still rather climb in from the back hatch (that is the only thing that opens) than walk to one of the nearest garage complexes to park the car and then walk back home and then walk back to get the car again (if we had a garage). It would only be worth something as a minor work out. 
Here is a photo of one of the apartment building being renovated. It costs one million euros to renovate it. Yes, seriously. A government loan support system pays 40% of it, but still. It will be great in the future the get the energy rating up and the bills down. Our building is smaller but the energy rating is very low.  

Isn´t it amazing what you can blog about? Like Soviet garages. :)

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