Sunday, May 15, 2016

Having the sea close by - pure joy

I really, really like having the sea close by, about 10 minutes to drive. There are different beaches, rocky and sandy, sandy being my favorite. Here are some photos taken lately by the sea (previous post have my photos too, like here and here). I added a map to show my turf (as far as I can go, you know, because I have little kids):

Here is one of my favorite beaches called Meremõisa:

This is Kloogaranna beach, the closest, sandy, a little boring to photograph but great for family outings. The tower is old bay watch tower or something like that.

Another favorite place is Paldiski. Here are some photos of the sea being super calm the other day:

The cliff is about 20 meters high, you can go up there and down to the beach and up to the lighthouse too.

The next two are also in Paldiski. I went in the water, quite deep, to get the rocks in the photo:

This is on on the cliff. I love that little tree! Symbolizes endurance maybe.

A photo of me on the cliff too. I do that once in a while, do some silhouettes when the sky is super beautiful.

Yes, Estonia is extremely pretty, especially now when it is green, very green. You are welcome to come and visit any time. :)

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