Sunday, May 22, 2016

Eurovision 2016!

And now for the blog post you have been waiting for, Eurovision 2016!!  Last year I missed Eurovision because life was a bit crazy with the then recent birth of our second child (Maris got to watch a bit from the hospital TV).  Now our little Eurovision baby is already one and we had enough time to watch both of the semi-finals.  How was it? Freaking fantastic!!  When we are older we want to be those nutty Eurovision fans who travel every year to the concert.  The Eurovision song contest is definitely the crown jewel of the European integration project and.  You could think of it as a musical representation of everything humanity was destined to become.

So now to the top performances of 2016!

Ukraine won in part due many Europeans who wanted to show solidarity with Ukraine and or stick it to the Russians.  Interestingly enough, many in Ukraine voted for Russia and vice versa.  The song was about Stalin's terror after WWII. 

Australia got second and they aren't even a European country!  They are just totally crazy about Eurovision so somehow they got to participate.  It was a good song too. Maybe at some point in the future we can have an Earth vision with all the countries participating.  Call me a dreamer but if all the countries can squabble together under the same roof in the UN why not sing together in a global song off! If the Security Council can't decide then why not settle it on the dance floor!  I'm not sure what North Korea's song would be like, but probably something like Belarus' song from 2011

Russia came in third and had a good song with a great performance

I always secretly want Moldova to win, but this year they didn't get into the finals.  Their song was great and I was shocked they didn't make it!

Bulgaria had a good song.  Missing something? Maybe.  Tacky? Yes.  Vintage Eurovision? oh yeah.

The last song to make my top list is Armenia!

Estonia did not make it into the finals and overall got poor reviews.  It didn't make my top list either but in case you are interested here it is! 

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