Saturday, April 2, 2016

Temple prediction

General conference starts today!  Where will the next temples be?  It's always hard to know, a lot depends on factors that we don't know such as availability of land, ability to build, temple attendance statistics of membership.  Sometimes a totally random temple will be announced like Durban South Africa or Star Valley Wyoming.  So here goes my guesses for the next temples and then a larger top 10 list.  Like last time I think the temples will be in largely non-Western locations in areas of large growth or isolated regions.  Africa and Latin America are the regions I think will have the highest chance. LDS Growth has the best prediction map. 

1. Benin City, Nigeria

2. Culiacan, Mexico

Others that I think are on the top

1. Lagos, Nigeria.  It makes more sense than Benin City because of its size, but membership statistics are a bit better in Benin City and I imagine it is easier to get a large complex of land in Benin City.

2. Managua, Nicaragua. The only country in Central America without a temple. 

3. Torreon, Mexico, Culiacan has more wards and is further away so it got the nod over Torreon

4. Brasillia Brazil.  I think they will wait a bit before announcing another temple in Brazil, but this has to be very high on the list.

5. Santa Cruz, Bolivia.

6. Harare, Zimbabwe

7. Tooele Utah

8. Eugene Oregon

9. Pocatello Idaho

10. Pittsburgh/Cleveland

Surprise candidates:

1. Hyderabad, India

2. Cape Verde

3. Auckland New Zealand

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