Sunday, April 24, 2016

So what do we do every single day?

Now that it is not as cold as it was before (but still cold because that is what springs are here, like today,  24th of April, it snowed so the ground was white for a while) we are spending more time outside and the kids love it. We stroll around Keila, going to different playgrounds, parks, stores, and other places. Here are some update photos (all taken with my iphone 5s that Monte so nicely gave us because we would not buy decent smart phones, or any new phones, like Matthew):

Here the kids are in a sand pit and some boy started playing with us. Kids are so nice.

They brought in new sand (3 truck loads) but did not care to spread it out. It was pure fun for the kids. Some toys got lost in that pile but it was worth the fun. 

All the kids had a meeting in the little play house. 

Two older girls were playing with my little girls. They loved it and so did my girls. 

 We like going to the church/cemetery. There is an old building (below) that was cool. We played jumping off the edge game where my 2-year old ran and jumped and I caught her. Great fun.

Keila is a city of Siberian Squill (sinikelluke). That plant is everywhere in the spring. Literally! The entire place is blue. Like here:

This photo is like Estonian flag upside down (blue-black-white):

Our daughter loves her little plastic car, she goes everywhere with it. She has a strider too but is too impatient to actually learn to use it. Maybe at some point.

And we go to the store across the road to buy ice cream or a chocolate surprise eggs that are illegal in the States. I am glad that it is getting warmer!

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