Sunday, April 24, 2016

Photography, my sweet passion

Here is another photo update with my favorite photos of the photos that I have taken lately.

Snowdrops in my grandmother´s garden, with snow!

Photos of Tallinn bay, the next one with girls taking selfies:

Forest by the sea at sunset:

Sunrise at 6.20 in Keila (I do not do many sunrises because sleep these days is so, so precious): 

Paldiski/Pakri cliff, 20-minute drive from where I live: 

The same cliff, some silhouette fun:

One of my favorites:

Sun setting in a town close by, Klooga:

I went to Klooga to check out this old manor. It is forbidden to go there but I had to. I went in too and it was so creepy. I get scared so easily when I am alone. It is next to the Klooga lake and I imagine back in the day how pretty it must have been.

Here is the lake. The beach by the manor is all grown full of stuff so this was the only spot to photograph the sunset.

The other day I went to my favorite beach with that single awesome tree and got this shot:

I tried manual mode and got this shot of the cool rock and the waves. Right were this photo is taken from is where I dropped my phone and thought I had lost it. It was still there when I went back the next morning at 6.30. The Lifeproof case saved it.

I love taking photos so much I am willing to travel more despite my fear of flying and hatred towards customs, jet lag and just everything awful that comes from traveling. 

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