Monday, April 11, 2016

I was a stranger

The first refugees are being relocated in Estonia, a heated debate has been happening over the last few months with many Estonians showing somewhat hostile attitudes or opinions towards refugees and migrants from different parts of the world.  I was pleased to see the Church take a clear and visible position in helping refugees.  The two talks that addressed the subject were by far my favorites.

Patrick Kearon gave the most powerful talk I can remember in a general conference.  It is worth watching no matter your faith or opinion on the refugee crisis.

Sister Burton's talk was wonderful and she announced a new website that encourages others to help refugees. 

On an interesting note, this could have political implications as well.  In the GOP primary Utah voted in favor of Ted Cruz overwhelmingly in part due to his softer tone on religious minorities and refugees. One poll even had Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump. 

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