Sunday, March 20, 2016

Fog and black and white

It has been really foggy here because of warm air coming in but plenty of snow still covering the ground and I have used it to the fullest, taking photos. Here are some that are my favorites:

Ode to existence:

The road to nothingness:

Sewer system being built for the nearby village (in 2016!):

Keila park in the center of the town:

 The local church that is centuries old:

I loved the reflection in the puddle:

Awesome single trees. Love them. Single trees and roads and paths.

A manor close by. The owners have remodeled the side building but this one is probably too expensive.

Keila-Joa waterfall that I often go and look at. It is super awesome:

A dude walking his dog in the morning in the park close to where we live. He was taking a photo with his phone and I took a photo of that.

I feel I become better step by step and it is just exhilarating to take photos, chase interesting sites, sunsets (sunrises are so hard to do with little kids, maybe more some day), weather conditions... It is my number one hobby for sure. Enjoy!

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