Sunday, January 17, 2016

Winter! Snow! Cold! And my birthday...

Here are some photos of our awesome, cold, snowy winter. December was very warm and then in January it just hit us so suddenly we froze. :D

Here are some photos:

This is from our bedroom:

This the park in the center of the town (Keila): 

This is burning of Christmas trees. All town people can bring their old trees to be burnt. Some towns make sculptures of them and then burn them. We had a super tiny fake Christmas tree so we did not take ours there.

Snow joy: 

Digging out joy:

Local hill for sledding. We still have to go there.

Find a child:

A local boy after school:

Morning by the Keila river:

Here is a photo of the day when the Baltic sea was steaming because of extremely cold temperatures. This is as close as I could get with kids in the car.

Winter is awesome and our little Polo still drives after crazy cold and tons of snow.

My birthday.

Here are some photos of my birthday dinner. I did not eat cake because I am trying to eat as little sugar as possible. It just... does not do any good to my health. And it is addictive. But Matthew bought a cake and some other treats for himself for my birthday. :D


  1. beautiful winter pictures. I think my boys would love the idea of burning all the Christmas trees. that's really cool!

    1. yes, it is a special treat for all kids. maybe you can gather all your friends next year for burning christmas trees somewhere? :D