Monday, January 4, 2016

When radical religious militants take over America

As you all know the security environment has been tense in Eastern Europe over the last year.  Russia's aggression in Ukraine, violation of air space, and a lot of posturing and show of force.  With all the news many asked us over the last year if everything was safe in Estonia.  It was almost as if they were waiting to read about Russia's hybrid warfare come to Estonia with "local" militias taking over government buildings.  Nothing of the sort has happened in Estonia but it has in Oregon.  It's now my turn to ask our readers in America, is everything safe?  Radical religious militants have taken over a federal wildlife refuge building in Oregon.  Terrorism and radical religious extremism is a hot topic in the US right now but it should be noted that these were not ISIS members they were a bunch of white Mormon ranchers.  So the next time a conversation comes up about national security rather than finding scape goats far away or make blanket statements about other religions, we could look at ourselves in the mirror and ask ourselves whether we are part of the problem or part of the solution.

Update!: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints just issued a statement that condemned the takeover.   Things to watch are whether this statement will have any impact on the radical militants and whether the church will designate them apostates and excommunicate them.  If Kate Kelly and John Delhin got kicked out the Church has to kick out radical militants right?!


  1. Matthew!!!! I was just thinking the same thing! If Kate Kelly and John Delhin got ex-communicated, then they should too! I hope they respond in a similar manner to the right-wing extremism as they do with the "left"

    1. Hi Rachel, thanks for the comment. I wouldn't compare the extremism as right and left wing though. The right wing blogger "apostates" have also been ex-communicated, just without the media coverage, Denver Snuffer and Rock Waterman are the biggest names. I think the comparison is more of a mote and beam situation where the Bundy lead militia is way worse than anything Delhin and Kate Kelly ever did.

    2. That makes sense! I agree that it is worse, and I agree with your clarification of it not really being right vs left. I just hope other members can make that distinction as well.