Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Years Eve in America and in Estonia

 (Tallinn fireworks -

The first time I spent my New Years Eve in Idaho I was expecting a spectacular fireworks show. You know, America and all. I had seen the 4th of July fireworks and it was just like our New Years Eve - crazy and hazardous and magnificent. In Estonia you get TV channels fighting over who makes the funniest shows, the president gives his talk on TV right before the clock strikes 12. It is very exciting, official and big. The New Years Eve in Twin Falls was a little different. I could not see a single firework going off. For a spoiled Eastern European it was devastating. Then Matthew explained that big fireworks are illegal because of 4th of July - that is the main fireworks holiday, but as it is in July, the hottest, driest time of the year, the big fireworks are fire hazard.

The moral of the story is that you have to tell people in advance that they have to be ready to be disappointed and even give them facts, just in case they are not listening. Just like the first time I went to San Francisco. I thought of California, sunshine, heat and beaches, just like I had seen California on TV all the time in my childhood. That time I was warned many times that I have to take warm clothes with me. I did not listen. My brain just would not accept such a thought that California can be cold. I was freezing the entire time there. Hundreds of sea lions that we were so excited to see turned into 4 freezing sea lions far in the distance. This photo illustrates it well:

(the daily mail)

Moral of the story: when visiting new places do not rely on what you have seen on TV and what your brain has constructed, instead, listen to those who have been there and look up the temperatures.

So I wanted to share a video of fireworks yesterday from Keila, the town of 10 000 where we live. It is taken from our balcony. We could not go out because we have small kids who sleep through the noise like nothing ever happened. There is a 5 story building blocking the view, a nice gift from the Soviet times. But notice the beauty of non-illegal wonderful fireworks that people spend their last Euros on.

Happy New Year, folks! Head uut aastat!

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