Saturday, January 23, 2016

My got my camera back! Winter wonderland!

Here are some photos I took yesterday, driving around, kids sleeping in the back. I used to hate winter because I was always cold. I was dreaming there would be pants and winter jackets that you can put on and you would never be cold... Yes, now we do have that kind of clothing, but remember, I was still born in the Soviet Union and most of my childhood was coping with the aftermath of the collapse... in rural South Estonia. So I was always cold, especially in the morning, walking to the bus stop for 1,5 kilometers just to wait there for too long because the bus broke down because it was too old. My only way of survival was wearing cheap tights under my pants. So thank heavens for the awful capitalists!

Now I love winter! It is just full of wonders. Look at these photos:

There was winter fog:

These are foggy too, right after the sun set, about at 4.30 p.m:

A special one for Monte! While taking photos in the middle of nowhere some snowmobile guys drove by, waved at me and I had to take some photos of them. The other one got stuck so this one here stopped to help him out. 

I am so thankful I have so much beauty around me.What a blessing!

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