Sunday, December 20, 2015

Before I dropped my new camera...

Yes, I dropped my new camera, well, bough used, but still. It is being repaired at the moment.
 I wanted to share some of my favorites that I have taken lately. If you are OK with things like praying for lost car keys and stuff then please pray for my camera to survive!

This is taken on the beach 15 minutes away from where we live. A few days before this there was a bigger storm and the beach was a mess.

Here is one of the most awesome cloud formations I have ever seen, same beach:

This is Keila-Joa waterfalls in December, very close by:

My favorite beach again. The water is very high this time of year. Usually these rocks are not in the water.

I basically missed the sunset here. The glow was just very humble and disappeared fast. This is the beach in  Laulasmaa - Ann and Monte stayed in the hotel there this summer.

Lake Klooga, very close by (I mean, I cannot drive far with two little kids, BUT it makes me appreciate things close by much more:). It is one of my favorite sunset photos so far.

Paldiski (Pakri) cliff at sunset. It was stormy that day and it felt like I will be blown off the cliff. So I stayed close and down on the viewing platform.  Look at the layers!

One of the colder days last week. It has been super warm here. I kind of like it because when it is cold it means we mat not be able to open the doors of our little 1999 Volkswagen Polo. So... warm is cool. :D

This is taken in October and I love it! It is Southern Estonia, a very foggy day. It is Taagepera, a place where my grandmother used to live.

I like the mood of this one:

And the last one, sunset in Klooga. 

I post most of my photos here, if you are interested:


  1. your photos are gorgeous. I especially love that cliff one with the layers. I really hope your camera is okay!