Monday, November 9, 2015

Standing for something

While it has only bee a few days since the public became aware of the Church's updated policy towards gay members and their children, a lot has happened.  Elder Christofferson gave a 10 min interview to clarify the context of the new policy.  Though I love and respect Elder Christofferson, the interview was underwhelming on several fronts.  First, the comparison of gay marriage to polygamous marriage is one that does not go very far.  Second, it relies on dubious logic that claims this policy will in some way help children who otherwise would be torn between a family and church that taught different things.  The pains of exclusion, stigmatization, and the false choice that these children would have to then make at the age of 18 were not addressed.  Children are often baptized into the Church who come from family settings that differ from church standards.  In many ways these are the children who need the church the most.  Some thoughts on the interview can be seen here.

The goal of the policy is to strengthen the institution of traditional marriage by excluding the institution of gay marriage.  While the need to strengthen the institution of marriage is a divine charge and badly needed in this fallen world, the flaw of the new policy is two fold.  First, it attempts to strengthen the institution of marriage in a negative by manor.  Instead of preaching to the 97% of people who are heterosexual  on topics of commitment, love, fidelity, and honesty the Church has instead focused on the 3% and why their attempts to gain access to the institution are damaging.  This type of negative campaign has significant consequences for the LGBT minority.  The second problematic aspect of this policy is it places the burden of this policy largely on the children of LGBT couples.

When I was sealed to my wife almost 6 years ago I looked into the mirrors in the Helsinki Temple sealing room and saw a glimpse into eternity.  One thought that I have had is that at some point there will be a LGBT member of my posterity.  3% of the population is gay, the question is not if but when and how many.  Whether among my children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren there will be LGBT members.  If they choose to marry or live with someone of their same gender (the natural path in their pursuit of happiness in this life) it would mean the exclusion of their children from the Church I love.  This is a policy that will have a significant and negative impact on families.    The family a proclamation to the world states that as the father of my family, I am responsible for the protection of my family.  This may seem outdated to some but it is a duty that I will not shirk from. 

In light of recent church teachings to speak up for Children and to speak out on subjects of religious freedom I have decided that it is time to stand for something.  I have started a petition condemning this misguided policy and asking the Church to reverse the policy.  Someone needs to stand for the religious freedom of the children of LGBT couples.  For those interested in standing with me you can sign the petition at 

In clarification I should say that I am not against Church leadership or Church doctrine and teaching.  I am specifically targeting this policy.  I love the Church, the leaders of this church and the beautiful teachings of the restored gospel.  I am against this policy because it is against those very teachings that I hold so dear. 

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