Sunday, November 22, 2015

Little bit of love

It has been some weeks since the Church came out with its new policy that excludes children of  LGBT couples from membership.  The Church has already tweaked/clarified the policy once.  At the same time Salt Lake City has elected the first LGBT mayor and another protest is scheduled for Salt Lake on top of the vigil, protest, and mass resignation that have already happened.  I suspect that things will calm down pretty soon, but the pain shunning, and suffering that families will be feeling is only beginning.  There has been an explosion of media articles on the subject but here are some links to some of the best ones I have read.

1. This article sums up why the policy is controversial, the impact of the policy on children
2. This article discuses the difference between doctrine and policy.
3. This article gives the experience of someone who was excluded from the Church because of his polygamous background.  The situation was unfortunately less then positive.

When seeking guidance on the subject the thoughts and impressions that I have felt is that the shunning, pain, isolation, and other negative experiences that are surely the indirect outcome of such a policy are not of God.  No matter our opinion on the policy we all can do our best to limit the negative impact towards those that will feel the impact of this policy.  We don't have the ability to change policy but with a little bit of love we can limit the impact of the policy on the lives of those we come in contact with.

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