Sunday, November 1, 2015

Happy Halloween!

Fall is one of my favorite times of the year in the US.  In Estonia? Not so much.  No holidays, no football, no NBA, and no sun means a long wait for Christmas.  To fill in we just borrow from the US the things we like.  I have an NFL Gamepass to watch my 49ers (wrong year to get it, I know).  We also celebrate US holidays as well to brighten up Fall.  It isn't exactly the same as being in the US, but still pretty fun.  This year we had two families over to visit, lots of candy (still not enough though) and we had a fun time.  I was running errands in town during the day so I missed on some of the festivities but made it back for the evening party. 

 Maris is this year's Halloween MVP, she went all out and did all the work.  Spider Oreo cookies, Hedge hog cheese ball (Estonians love hedge hogs), and orange cups and a table cloth! For those wondering why we have a large melon for Halloween we don't, that is our pumpkin.  The pumpkin selection isn't quite the same as the US. 

 I found these napkins on sale at Stockmans during their annual crazy day sale! My mom loves napkins so these were in honor of her.

 Cup of worms, it was the kids favorite.  Maris made homemade pudding because they don't have it here. Chocolate flavored cream cheese mixed with whipping cream, yum!

 spider hot dogs, thanks for the idea Mom!

 A very scary spider witch with a Peppa Pig sticker on his hat

 We turned our mandarin oranges into pumpkins by adding stems.  The squash is also considered a pumpkin in Estonia.

 Baby number 2 enjoying her first Halloween.

Baby number one with a witch hat and her Frozen dress.  She just ate candy all day long.  We had it all out on tray and she would just come and get a piece when she wanted it.

All in all it was a great Halloween.  

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