Saturday, October 3, 2015

Who is it going to be

This weekend new apostles will be called in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day saints.  The recent passing of Elder Scott means that three new apostles will be chosen, it has been over 100 years since that many openings have been at the same time. There is a lot of good material up in the bloggernacle.  This piece takes a detailed look of the more recent apostles and highlights common trends. I wrote a piece that was up at Real Clear Religion focusing on added diversity. It is almost impossible to pick who will be next, but I'll try to do it anyway.  I did this a few months ago, but now with an added opening I'll do it again.  Here are my picks for who I think will be the new apostles.  It somewhat overlaps with who I want to be the next apostles.  I take into consideration who are the most likely in terms of background and service.  The main factor is that President Monson will submit the name to the quorum of the 12 for sustaining.  President Monson has always favored compassion and service, so those are traits I have focused on. I also think that we will see a specific effort to add diversity, yet not anything too splashy. 

1. Donald Hallstrom. We can be sure that at least one member of the presidency of the seventy will be called as an apostle.  Elder Rasband has a very very good chance but I am going with Elder Hallstrom.

2. Gerald Causse. Most people focus on the seventy as the body where new apostles come from, but the presiding bishopric is also an option.  Given the complexity of the Church it makes sense to include leaders who have served in the presiding bishopric.  I've been extremely impressed by Causse, he reminds me of elder Uchtdorf in some ways.

3. Claudio Costa. He is the president of the Brazil area and has been a general authority since 1994, including time in the presidency of the seventy. 

I would be very happy if these three brethren got the call. 

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