Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trips to the end of the world... or as far as 30 minutes away

Here are some pictures of all the things we have done lately.
Here is our adorable little baby girl no 2. She has such a cute smile! She will soon be 5 months old.

 I went to see a manor close by in Vasalemma with the kids. It is a school - 1st to 9th grade. What an awesome place to go to school, right? 

There was a monument for an educator there: 

As a family we visited Keila-Joa waterfalls that we love. These stairs take you to a lookout.

The waterfalls: 

Another thing that happened was Keila town baby ball or a reception for all new parents. They give you a little silver spoon, of course, a symbol of prosperous life ahead. Matthew is not in the picture because he is chasing the baby no 1. Who is 2 years old now. You will understand if you have kids. :D

This brings me to her birthday party. Here is a photo of my wrapping skills. Ann, I know you will be disappointed but this is as good as it gets. :D Matthew is as good or even worse. But our daughter did not care less. I mean... they are to be ripped off anyway, right? 

Here is a fruit pizza for her. My secret for the most wonderful, fattiest, richest frosting is using mascarpone. To make it fluffy I add whipped cream. And we have a tradition of making a birthday cake and the next day we bake another cake. If you can eat more then why would you eat less. The cake is mostly for us anyway because she just ate the berries and a little frosting.

A berry being devoured right here:

On her birthday afternoon we went to Padise manor and monastery close by. The view on the lake there. Ann and Monte know this very well.

Inside the monastery: 

 On the way there I saw this beautiful sight of a tree and a factory of Keila in the background. The light was wonderful.

There is also a little abandoned prison in Rummu close to Padise manor.

And the last photo is also next to the Padise manor. I like the fall as long as there are colors. If the colors are gone it means it is November. And November is creepy. So let us enjoy the colors!

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