Thursday, October 15, 2015

An angel named Rosemary M. Wixom

Sister Rosemary M. Wixom (the Primary or the children´s organization president of the Church) visited us today and it was seriously the greatest experience I have had with a Church leader. She came in the door, I was standing there, and my little 2-year old girl was there too. Sister Wixom came in, the biggest smile on her face, and looked right at her. They both looked at each other like they have been best friends their whole lives. My daughter started jumping up and down and running around, being extremely excited. And so was sister Wixom who just turned to every person there, being so loving, so kind, so full on empathy, so caring, so gentle, so interested, so ... Christlike. She felt to me today like she is truly a disciple of Christ doing His work. I felt the Spirit so strongly. I have not felt so inspired, so excited, so emotionally and spiritually charged for so long. It was amazing! With her were her husband, Baltic mission president and his wife and elder Klebingat who visited us just recently. They all shared wonderful messages and I got so many ideas and felt like I have to jump up and start doing things right there and right now. Man! What a night!

Here she is:

Some great teachings from a training with her (and elder Klebingat sharing some ideas) today:

  • Every person is super important and so is every calling. In our callings our goal is to be a disciple of Christ and help others around us be disciples of Christ. Our aim is also to live with our Father and Jesus Christ. Ordinances and keeping covenants is extremely important for that and we should help others reach those things. We should teach people about the path of covenants, starting from baptism. 
  • Love those you lead. Oh! She is a great example of that. I just felt it!
  • Teach children very early how to pray. Share your spiritual experiences with them. Read scriptures with them, teach them to read and ponder scriptures. Consistently!
  • Klebingat: Think whether church and the gospel are going through you and your children. Is it real!? Is the experience real for your family so that the children and the youth will actually convert to the gospel?
  • For the youth and children whose families are not supportive or who lack spiritual guidance etc: church is crucial - Sunday is the key for them to feel the Spirit. Use every minute on Sunday to make it as spiritual as possible. Do not waste any minute.
  • It is important to prepare well and early for lessons you teach. Start a week earlier to get ideas and to let the Spirit guide you
  • It is important to visit those you lead, children or youth, and you should not exclude their other family members. Visits are a great tool to help and inspire.
  • Youth who go inactive when they turn 18 or so: it is like a baton (teatepulk): at a race at one point both runners hold it. The same goes for the youth: both youth leaders and Relief Society leaders have to work together at that point. 
  • Spiritual success for youth and children comes from there things: Heavely Father´s love is shown through us - show love! Help them feel the Spirit and recognize it. Teach the doctrine of Christ. What ever you are teaching think what is the doctrine. What are the main teachings of the gospel.
  • Expect the youth and children to participate, act, learn, serve... Expectations are important. And never give up when there are problems or defiance. Defiance is just a facade. 
  • Try to find the needs of those who need saving (youth who are becoming passive etc). Teach the plan of salvation - they need to understand the purpose of their life and what their goal in life is (like when young adults do not care for getting married and creating a family). 
  • Elder Klebingat: Seek, knock, pray, fast and never give up.
I am so inspired to do good things! Throw all that negativity out of yourself and just do good! 

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  1. wow! that is so cool! thanks for sharing the training tips/thoughts