Saturday, September 26, 2015

Live Below the Line Challenge 2015

This year I did the Live Below the Line Challenge with my students in my Non-Traditional security course.  It was an extra credit assignment, only a handful did it but that was great improvement from two years ago when only one student did it.  I miscalculated in the store and at the checkout had to give back the eggs I had planned on for breakfast.  Overall it was a pretty easy five days.  First, the exchange rate has changed since the last time I did the challenge so $1.50 a day for 5 days gave me about 1 euro more to spend.  Also, the dairy prices are rock bottom in Estonia because of the Russian sanctions (in protest of EU sanctions) and the expiring of EU milk quotas (long live supply and demand!).  A liter of milk was only 39 cents and I got a jumbo pack of sliced cheese (500 grams) for under 2 euros!  The mayonnaise was only 18 cents! It wasn't even on sale.  I was really confused why it was so cheap until I tasted it. Of course I still had to take some cost cutting measures.  I got the old bananas for half off and the old meat for half off.  I ate the meat quickly to avoid digestion problems like last time when I stretched out the old meat over the 5 days.

While it was a pretty easy 5 days (I don't usually spend a lot on food anyway) it was a good chance to reflect on the unfortunate situation that so many people find themselves in around the world.   Of course solidarity is meaningless unless action comes with it.  Hopefully I'll take advantage of the opportunities that I have to help others so they can live above the line.

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