Sunday, September 13, 2015

Family fun

Summer for us ended with a trip from my parents and little sister Lynne.  We did a lot and had a blast. This is at Nõva, a famous beach that Maris has been talking about for years.  The legend has it that the sand squeaks when you walk on it, it didn't for us but it was still beautiful. 

 We had a nice trip to the Tallinn zoo.  Our daughter was just as interested in the balls as she was the leopard.
 My parents stayed at the Laulasmaa spa, very nice and relaxing place right by the beach.

Our daughter loved spending time with Grandpa!

 It had been two years since I had seen Lynne, she served an LDS mission to Toronto and got back a few months ago.

 They were here for the re-independence day on August 20th, while at the top of the town hall we saw military troops marching and singing into the main town hall.

We wanted to go to the top of the Olemiste church, but it was closed because it was a holiday.  Lucky the view from the Town Hall was just as great.  Most of the summer had been cold and rainy.  About a week before they came it turned nice and was nice every day.  It turned cold and rainy the day they left.  

 Inside of the Town Hall.

I took our oldest child to Sweden with my parents and Lynne on their way back to the US.  Swedish meatballs were everywhere.  They were pretty good, but Sweden doesn't rival Italy in terms of vacation food.

 Skansen is an incredible open air museum that also had animals.  Our daughter had a blast and we all had a blast watching her.

 One nice little boy gave her a potato chip.

 I had been here before about 6 years ago with my friend Bryant, I especially remember this little garden.

 Stockholm is super beautiful.

 This is a cage where the bears were!  In one place our daughter was looking through a window and said "mõmmi" just then a large brown bear walked right in front of her window.

This is a miniature of what it looks like, if anyone finds themselves in Stockholm I recommend Skansen! 

We also went to the Vasa museum which is super awesome as well.  It is just an old boat in the middle of a museum, it sounds a little dull but it was really interesting.  It was my second time and hopefully not the last.

The best part of course was seeing Mom, Dad, and Lynne.  Thanks for the great visit we miss you!

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