Sunday, September 6, 2015

Adventures with the children

It is fun with kids! I do not want to live a life without my awesome little kids. There is just this special spark with them. 

There is a relatively new playground down the street next to an old empty schoolhouse. Our daughter likes the workout machines, especially this one:

There are nice walking paths that we love. 

I use a front pack for the baby to get off road. 

Exploring is the best kind of learning I think. I often let her go in front of me.

Here is a nice view of the old hospital being remodeled. It is now a family doctor center and an old folks home. It is humongous and mostly empty. But being remodeled. Hopefully it will be a spa and a hotel or something for Matthew´s parents to stay in when they are visiting. :)

This is a skiing hill. In the summer people roller blade, run and ride their bikes.  

We had our bread and water picnic and rested a little.

I am not sure what these things are for but they are good for climbing. 

Nothing better than muddy puddles! (See Peppa Pig.)

Some funny looking plants: 

We love finger paints! A better way of doing it is in a bath tub. 

Finger paints are also used as body paints in our house. Not just hands but also tummies, legs, face...

Art does not have boundaries.... literally:

This is how we travel:

So this is what we do!

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