Thursday, August 13, 2015

Summer trip to Tõrva to visit family

It took us a long time to go and visit my family after our baby was born. It seemed like it will never happen. And the weather was cold. But the week we finally went it was nice and hot and sunny. Perfect.

Here is my grandmother´s garden from different angles:

She loves gardening so much - she spends all of her day going around, weeding, watering etc.

     A little table in a quiet corner. There is also a rock grill that one of my relatives built.

A green house full of tomatoes, cucumbers, bell peppers etc.

My grandma loves lilies!

She has two cats that like to sleep in her lap at the same time. Those cats really love my Mamma! 

And here is my beautiful grandmother:

My favorite plant:

My childhood lake. I spent all the days of the summer there, no matter what the weather was. The tower is really high, 10 meters or 32 feet. I have jumped off from it about 2 times. You see kids jumping off all the time like it is nothing to them. The lake is about 5 minutes away from our house, walking.

My dad! He is a really great father! We went for a walk as a family in the school park and around the lake.

We also visited my brother and his father where I grew up. Here is our daughter running away from us - this is the case basically all the time. Although now she is willing to hold my hand too when it is important. Great success!

She found a huge piece of concrete and loved climbing on it. 
It is great that she could spend so much time outside. But it also meant that the chance of getting injured or killed was 50 times higher than at home.  Now we appreciate not having stairs more than before. Or nasty big dogs. Or a pool/pond/lake right by our house. This list is very long!

Family is great! Thank you, Eldur, for being so nice and fixing our mudguard and helping us wash the car! Just a few days after we got home it was all pooped by a million seagulls that invaded Keila again like each year. But we are still so thankful! :D

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